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Kids to Kids is a programme of The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles nonprofit worldwide humanitarian service. Kids to Kids provides school children around the world with the opportunity to reach out, connect and support their peers in impoverished or disaster-struck countries.

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Kids to Kids

Kids to Kids, a programme of The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles, provides school children around the world with the opportunity to reach out, connect and support their peers in impoverished or disaster-struck countries.
The Kids to Kids programme, developed in 2002 in response to a request from Under-Secretary-General Ibrahim Gambari, sent food, educational materials and medicine to the children of war torn Angola.
Through the heartfelt participation of thousands of school children in developed countries, who assist their disadvantaged brothers and sisters suffering from the effects of natural or manmade disasters, the programme enables more privileged children to realize that they can make a difference through giving, and assures the recipient children that friends in other lands are aware of their plight and are genuinely concerned about them.
It was Sri Chinmoy’s cherished goal that through the rapidly expanding Kids to Kids Programme, many thousands of young givers and receivers, as well as perhaps their teachers and parents, would become caring and interdependent members of the world family, committed to the goal of a lasting and fruitful peace.
Kids to Kids projects, such as “Dolls for Africa” and “Drawings of Love” touch the minds and hearts of children, sparking the growth of compassion, awareness and understanding. By involving children in international assistance, the Kids to Kids programme creates bonds of global friendship and gives physical and emotional support to children in times of need. It provides an avenue of action for young citizens of the world and, in turn, recipient children come to feel other boys and girls care for them. Such an experience of giving and receiving becomes an indelible memory in a child’s formative years.
Last year we participated in Sri Chinmoy’s humanitarian programme,The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles, as our service project.We collected school and medical supplies and boxes of clothes, and made small individual bags of toys to send to the children of Angola.We noticed during this time that the children developed more compassion, understanding and oneness with children in another part of the world. Thank you, Sri Chinmoy, for the opportunity for our children to grow in such positive ways.
– Madhavi Ray, Elementary School Teacher
Though the Kids to Kids programme, school supplies, toys, Kids to Kids packs and Drawings of Love have been distributed to 27 countries worldwide.
The Kids to Kids programme has also reached children in isolated areas where they feel cut off from the rest of the world and, in some cases, where the child suicide rate is extremely high, such as in the small island countries of the South Pacific and on reserves for Aboriginal people in Canada.

Kids to Kids for Aboriginal Children in Canada

By sending gift packs of toys, school supplies, hygiene items and Drawings of Love with messages of friendship, the Kids to Kids programme has connected the Aboriginal children living on reserves with other children across Canada and in other countries.

Dear Sri Chinmoy,
I am writing you to congratulate and thank you.Your vision to put smiles on the faces of children in need and plant the seed of hope in their hearts is working. My hope is that my letter to you might be used to inspire and encourage fellow educators to support Kids to Kids – The Oneness-Heart- Tears and Smiles Worldwide Humanitarian Service of the Sri Chinmoy Centres… I have been an educator for thirty-seven years. I have had the good fortune to have been the Principal of fourteen elementary schools during my career… Our school, Maple Ridge Elementary, embraced the request for our students to prepare Kids Kits for the students of the Cree Nation Reserve at Pelican Narrows, in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is amazing, that what often starts out as one, small, good deed sparks the desire in people to do even more… Now new friendships will be established amongst our First Nations children and the diverse multi-cultural mix of other Canadian children… The good news is that Maple Ridge School wants to continue to reach out and do more with Kids to Kids during this 2007-2008 school year. Last year we only presented this to our junior students.This year the whole school will be given the opportunity… Plant the seed and watch it grow. Ones again, thank you Mr. Chinmoy for responding to a request from Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev in 1991.You should be proud and happy to see how things have expanded since that first project. I/we have been pleased to be a small part of promoting your vision. If everyone does a little, no-one need do a lot. Continued success.

– Excerpt from the letter from Harvey M. Scott, Retired Principal, Ottawa Carleton District School Board, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Kids to Kids for Children in

the Island Countries of South Pacific

School children in New Zealand and Australia have been giving continuous support to schoolchildren in South Pacific island countries, such as Samoa, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Niue and Solomon Islands. Some schools have become “sister schools”, maintaining their connections through the exchange of gifts, drawings and messages.

“I just wanted you to know that what you are doing is rare and highly appreciated.”

– LaurenKandt,HIV/AIDSTaskforcevolunteer,11February2005,Kiribati. After receiving materials for HIV/AIDS education from Kids to Kids team in New Zealand.

Kids to Kids Temporary Schools in Indonesia

A Kids to Kids project in Indonesia, after the 2006 earthquake in Yogyakarta, erected four temporary schools using supplies collected locally and, in partnership with Khalsa Aid, distributed 10,000 backpacks containing school supplies. School packs were also given to children in the cities of Yogyakarta, Bantul, and Klaten and to refugees displaced by a volcanic eruption on nearby Mount Marapi. Amidst the difficulties caused by the disaster, the children had their spirits raised by receiving new bags and books in time for the start of the school year. The Kids packs were part of the rebuilding effort, not just in infrastructure, but in people’s lives. The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles also arranged a series of counseling sessions to enable professors from Gadjah Mada University to discuss with parents how they could help their children overcome the fear and the trauma caused by the earthquake.

“We are grateful that a lot of children in the world support the children of Aceh. It gives the children a new spirit to know children in other countries are thinking of them.”

– Dra. Zahira , SD Muhmmadiyah School Principal



Sri Chinmoy encourages children to make dolls for children in other countries.

Dolls for Africa

A study at London’s University College Institute of Child Health, led by Professor Sally McGregor, concluded that programmes using basic toys could boost the educational achievement of hundreds of millions of children in the developing world. Recognizing this need, Kids to Kids established the African Doll Project and pledged to send 1,000 dolls to these children. The project has since grown to include children in AIDS clinics.
In less than two years, Kids to Kids arranged for more than 600 hand-crafted dolls to be made by children from 12 countries for their disadvantaged brothers and sisters living in squatter communities on the outskirts of Cape Town. This programme was carried out in conjunction with the Philani Nutrition and Development Project, which was founded in 1979 by Dr. Ingrid Le Roux and whose Patron is Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
“The handmade dolls were the most touching of all the gifts received,” said a worker at the Philani Centre, after receiving a Kids to Kids sea container of food, medicine, school supplies, toys, and a shipment of hundreds of cloth dolls. She said the children could feel the love, affection and concern of the children who made the dolls.
Through this Kids to Kids project, bridges of friendship, understanding and oneness are being established between children worldwide. For the Philani children, who live in dire poverty and who face the additional challenges of AIDS, holding their own doll brings them joy and comfort. And for the children who make these dolls, the experience of extending their hands and expanding their hearts to their African brothers and sisters is enormously rewarding.
Some comments of the children making those dolls follow (from the Newsday Article by Meryl English):
Jaffie Balthazard, 12, a New York student said, “I want to give dolls to the kids that are lonely, to show them that we love them.” Another student, Kwesi Wilson, 11, said, “Kids who never saw a toy before will feel happy, and it was a fun experience.” Max Couloute, 13, added that that kids without a family would know that “there are other children in the world that care about them.”

Drawings of Love

One of the most successful Kids to Kids projects is “Drawings of Love,” through which 22,000 children from 30 countries sent drawings and messages of affection for distribution to the thousands of children orphaned by the 2004 tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
Following the 2004 tsunami, 600 schoolchildren from 32 schools in Kazakhstan sent paintings and messages of encouragement, offering their friendship to children in a newly built foster care center in Sri Lanka.
The Kids to Kids international team visited children in refugee camps, kindergartens and schools in the areas hardest hit by the tsunami. They brought with them Drawings of Love made by schoolchildren in Serbia and Czech Republic. During this 10-day visit, the team performed as clowns, with marionettes and magic tricks, bringing joy and happiness to about 3,000 children, many of whom lost their parents and living in very difficult conditions, often with no electricity or water.

A Few of Children’s Messages for Tsunami Orphans in Sri Lanka

“Hi, my friend. I am writing to you from far Kazakhstan in order to share your sufferings…
… Everything will be all right, my friend.We, people of all planet, are with you now. In fact thousand miles are separating us but my soul and my thoughts are with you. Look at the horizon, my friend, and smile – I ‘m somewhere there.You can write me any time you like…

Good luck, my friend. Everything will be O.K. Remember it! P.S. Sincerely yours Rashid”

“My dear friend, I can’t imagine the way you are feeling now, but I am very glad that you are alive and that I have such an opportunity to support you somehow…I am sure that everyone on Earth is extremely important, and your life is just beginning. I am confident that your relatives who died those days are very happy that you are alive! Sitting there, in heaven, they will be very glad to watch your life and they will always be helping you…”

Diana Mailybaeva

“Our dear friend!…
The whole world is spoken by the tragedy you had seen by your own eyes… we hope that you can overcome all the sufferings and hardships with the common help of all people.We wish to be with you but the distance is long.You have to know that our hearts beat together all the time… We wish you good luck, health, happiness and patience and wisdom.

With love Julia,Vera”

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